Engagement Party

Engagement Party

Planning Your Engagement Party

An engagement party is a celebration of two people committing to getting married. This is a great time for family of the bride and groom to meet and get to know each other as well as their friends. It’s important to carefully select the people you invite to your engagement party, as it would be considered a bit rude not to invite them to your actual wedding too. If in doubt, keep it small – it’s perfectly okay to invite people to wedding and not the engagement party, as people understand that particular event can have a big focus on the two families getting to know one another.

Who you invite to your engagement party is only one of the many things that will need to be planned for your engagement party. Take a look below at what else is involved in organising a successful engagement party.

Engagement Party

Checklist for planning an engagement party

Sending out invitations

Once you have your guest list, you can choose to go old school and send out custom made invitations, or you can take the modern approach of sending your invites out online.


If you’re not wanting to outshine your ‘big day’ in any way, keep things casual in your choice of venue. Many couples choose to have a relaxed get together at home, while others choose to hire out a small local venue – such as a pub or boutique restaurant.


Unless you want to keep things on the cheaper side with a BBQ or ‘bring a plate’ type of party, you’ll need to look at hiring a professional catering company. Take a look online at some party food ideas, print them off or write them down and bring it along with you to any caterer you are enquiring about.


What party is complete without some sort of entertainment? While playing some nice music during your engagement party is a nice touch, it’s simply not enough to keep guests entertained. Have some fun with your options – you could hire a live band, a comedian, a magician or even a tarot card reader.